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Final Goodbyes… And welcome to some new party organizers!

December 13, 2012

Dear Prancers,

In our last press release, we stated our intention to find a new party-organizing group who could benefit from the resources, knowledge and funds that we built up during Prance’s existence, in order to start their own project. We were hoping that this new group would be able to carry on the volunteer-run, community-based, accessible, and fun-focused organizing principles of Prance, as well as use the equipment that was passed down to us by some queer parties that preceded us (i.e. Bent and Fuck Off and Dance). We gathered proposals and evaluated them on several criteria — including whether they were aligned with Prance’s man-date, and whether they seemed feasible and sustainable on an ongoing basis.

Finally, we are very excited to announce that we have decided on a recipient!
The QTIPOCALYPSE collective, specifically the party-organizing sub-committee, will be putting our gear, spreadsheets, and startup funds to good use. From their website (

“QTIPOCALYPSE Collective is made up of queer and trans* people of colour, and seeking to hold accessible events for queer, trans* and gender non-conforming Two-Spirit Indigneous People/People of Colour/Mixed Race folks, from far and wide.”


  • $1,000 in startup funds towards their first party
  • a DJ mixer
  • party lights and decor
  • bar equipment, such as pitchers and towels and cups
  • misc supplies, such as clipboards, extension cords, and cash boxes

Their first party will be held on December 14th (tomorrow night!). We are so excited for these folks!

In addition to the startup resources for QTIPOCALYPSE, we had a substantial amount of funds left in our bank account thanks to the community’s generous support throughout the years. In accordance with our principle of giving back to the community, Prance has distributed these funds to various non-profit, community-based projects which we felt were meeting a critical need. These projects are ones that we feel are delivering much-needed services and/or are making a large impact on creating an accessible, inclusive, positive community in East Vancouver. These include

  • The Catherine White Holman Wellness Clinic (, which received $3000. CWHWC provides free, low-barrier health and wellness services to transgender and gender non-conforming people in a way that is respectful and celebratory of clients’ identity and self-expression.
  • The MAP Van or Mobile Access Project (, run by WISH and PACE, which received $1500. The primary focus of the MAP Van is to increase the level of health and safety for vulnerable women working the strolls in Vancouver in the night, when no other services are open. Van staff provide brief respite from the street, refreshments, as well as harm reduction supplies, including condoms and clean needles. Staff also provide information on shelters and emergency needs.
  • The Trans Youth Drop-in Group (, which received $1000 . A drop-in for anyone age 24 and under who is transgender or the loved one of a transgender person (sibling, friend, partner, etc.). The group is a space to meet other youth who are interested in trans issues, watch trans movies, make art & ‘zines, eat free snacks, and get info about local resources. Funds will go towards providing snacks, art supplies, and activities.
  • The All-Bodies Swim (, which received $500. All Bodies Swim is a volunteer-run grassroots group organizing body-positive swimming opportunities by renting out an entire public pool. The group works to creatively resist society’s pressures to fit unhealthy and impossible Western body image ideals. This is a trans-friendly, accessible space, a pool party celebrating all bodies.

It’s been a great few years, and we want to emphasize that all this could not have been done without the love and support that all of you have shown us. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our amazing volunteers, DJs, and every single person that has come to our parties and helped us out in some way or other. Seriously, we could not have done this without you. When we started Prance, our intention was to create something that was not just fun and accessible, but also something that contributed and gave back to our communities in the end. We could not be happier at having this opportunity to do so.

Thank you again!!! We leave you with one of our favourite party videos.

In solidarity,
Your Prance organizers

Bye for realz

April 17, 2012


Dear Prancers,

Your Prance organizing group would, first of all, like to apologize for our long silence. As organizers of a community event, we know that we’ve been lacking in public communications for too long. During this time we have been having discussions about the future of Prance and have come to some difficult conclusions.

Unfortunately, Prance is not sustainable in its current form. Many organizing members have had major life changes in the past year. We all have new demands on our time, which means that it has become very difficult to find time for meetings and to do the work necessary to make Prance as fabulous as it should be. We had been hoping that by giving ourselves more time between parties, we could figure out a way to make it work, but we no longer think that is possible.

We would like to thank every one of you for the fun times, love, hard work and hot dance moves that you all have brought to Prance over the last years. We would like to extend special thanks and appreciation to all our lovely volunteers, DJs, and everyone else who helped out with Prance, as it could not have happened without you all. It takes a community to put on a sexy, fun, radical dance party. We have been truly honoured to be a part of and to help build the kind of queer community that is important to us, but most of all, we have had such an amazing time prancing with you all. It’s been incredible to be part of creating queer community spaces with all of you.

What does this mean for queer partying in East Van? If you have been around Vancouver for a few years, you know that parties like Prance (such as Bent, FOD, the Odd Ball etc.) come and go over time. As you may not know, there has been a history of passing on equipment, start-up funds, resources, and knowledge from party to party. Some of Prance’s supplies were originally purchased by Bent, some by FOD, and we have invested in many new items. And for the first time, we also have documented information about venues, DJs, alcohol consumption, and budgeting (spreadsheets galore!) that we are excited to pass on.

So as we wrap up, our major task is to identify a group of people that are motivated to organize a new queer dance party that shares Prance’s values. If you have been interested in doing something like this, now would be a good time to call your friends because Prance wants to help you get started!

Here are our guidelines if you are thinking about applying:

1. We would like the group to commit to holding events in fully physically accessible spaces. We have a spreadsheet with info on what these spaces are, as well as community resources to help you in selecting a space.

2. We would like the group to be run on a non-profit and volunteer basis, and committed to giving all profits back to the community.

3. We would like the group to start from an anti-oppressive position and commit to the principles of creating welcoming, respectful and inclusive spaces, and promoting consent. If you are not sure what we mean by that, you can read our take on it here:

These three ideals have been the foundation for organizing Prance, and were closely aligned with those of several East Van parties that preceded us, so it’s important for us to carry on that tradition.

So you want to apply, what now? Please write a brief statement (half a page max, please) on your vision for an East Van party that you want to create. Include the names of any organizers who have committed to this project, and (if applicable) a brief description of experience the organizers might have working with inclusive, community-based events (this doesn’t have to be dance parties, any community organizing experience is relevant). Please send your proposals to We are considering applications until September 2012. If no group comes forward that we feel fits the criteria, the resources will all find homes with a variety of non-profit grassroots organizations.

We know this sounds a bit formal, but we just want to be as fair as possible about passing on the resources we have to offer. Mostly, we are really excited to help get the next East Van queer dance party started, so if you think you have a good idea (and we know many of you do), write to us! We can’t wait to see you on a new dance floor soon.

In love and solidarity,

Ahoy Sailors!

June 2, 2011

Thanks everyone for coming out and making Prance On A Boat such an amazing time! Especially thanks to all the volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!!!

There are some great photos, check it out. As always, if you want us to take something down just send us a fbook message or email Also, email us if you lost anything at this party.

Prance is taking a break from throwing parties for the summer but we are cooking up some ideas for other types of fun times… we will update when we figure it out so stay tuned!

This boat is real! (actually no it is not)

May 19, 2011

We are so excited about the party this Saturday! (see the fbook event for details)

We made you a little video about it:

Prance: On a Boat (not actually on a boat) from short pants on Vimeo.

Prance on a Boat poster

May 6, 2011

Prance: On a Boat!**

May 4, 2011

**not actually on a boat

Summer’s almost here! Set sail with us on the gayest cruise ever, for the first nautical-themed Prance. Bring your swim trunks and your flippy floppies, sailor hats and mermaid tails. Practice your nautical rope-tying skills, because you may just find a sailor who needs their jib rigged. We’ll be busting 5 knots, we’re gonna fly this boat to the moon somehow!

We’ll serve ye some fine BC ales and grogs, by jove!

DJ Bromeo
DJ French Press

Want to be our ship’s cockswain, just for the night or for a little bit longer? Send us an email at… crewmembers get to skip the lineup!

More DJs and bar tip donation recipient to be announced soon!

9:30pm – 2:00am at 1965 Main St. $5-10 sliding scale. 19+ Venue & bathroom are wheelchair accessible. Childcare funds and “Oops, too trashed to get home” funds available. Prance believes in maximum danceability. and

We are thrilled to have this event at VIVO Media Arts Centre. Since 1973 they have supported artists with activist, feminist, first nations, & queer perspectives to produce and distribute new media work. Go check out their archive sometime!
VIVO accessibility info:

Read more…

Prance would like to date you!

March 13, 2011

We are: Uber-queer, non-profit, volunteer-run east van queer dance party organizing group
You are: Enthusiastic Prancer with rad politics

Interests/Hobbies: Queers, volunteers, positivity, processing, prancing, puns, creating maximum danceability.

We are a super fun, easy-going group of people and we’re ultimately looking for people who have similar goals as us for queer party planning, and who can commit some time & energy to doing that.  Ideally, you would have some experience organizing parties or other events in a volunteer-run context.  Also, if you can drive and/or have access to a vehicle, that would be extra amazing!

Check out our man-date just so you know a little more about what our intentions/hopes are for the party.

If you’re interested in us, please let us know why, and what your schedule and/or availability is like.  Perhaps we can schedule a meeting date and decide where things go from there? If long-term relationships are not your thing, but you are still interested, we are open to having something more casual…We always need help in the days or weeks leading up to the party as well.

Can’t wait to hear from you!